Recap of our Successful Webinar: Electric space propulsion

Recap of our Successful Webinar: Electric space propulsion

Recap of our Successful Webinar: Electric space propulsion

We are delighted to present a comprehensive overview of our recent webinar, where the Horizon Europe project DEEP PPU and Horizon 2020 GIESEPP MP teams provided an exclusive glimpse into their work and the latest developments. With a focus on market requirements, power electronics design processes, system development, and testing, this webinar aimed to shed light on the various aspects of this complex field. Here are the key highlights from the event:

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

Our esteemed teams dissected the multifaceted aspects of system development, offering a unique behind-the-scenes perspective. We discussed the importance of market requirements, explored the intricacies of power electronics design, and delved into the rigorous testing procedures that ensure optimal system performance.

Expert Presentations

Five highly accomplished experts graced our webinar, delivering insightful presentations that captivated our audience. Drawing from their extensive experience and expertise, they shared valuable industry knowledge and innovative approaches. Their contributions provided attendees with a deeper understanding of system development methodologies, emerging trends, and best practices.

Global Participation

The response to our webinar was truly global in nature. We were thrilled to welcome over 100 participants from an impressive 27 countries, showcasing the widespread interest in system development worldwide. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the attendees enriched the discussions, fostering a vibrant and collaborative learning environment.

Students and Professionals Unite

It was heartening to observe the diverse composition of our audience, comprising both aspiring students and experienced professionals. The majority of participants belonged to these two groups, highlighting their eagerness to expand their knowledge and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field.

A Gratifying Response

The positive feedback from participants truly delighted the GIESEPP MP and DEEP PPU teams. We are deeply grateful for the enthusiasm and engagement displayed by the attendees, as it serves as a testament to the significance of the topic and the impact of our webinar. This positive response motivates us to continue organizing similar events in the future, with the aim of sharing our knowledge, achievements, and expertise with other professionals and students.